The Queenslander
The Queenslander

Rachel's life has never been what you'd call good. She had a dysfunctional upbringing which led to drug problems and mental illness. But now she has a chance to start anew. She's going to leave her old life behind her and maybe, just maybe, she can finally live a normal life.  

It all sounds too good to be true and she's worried it will be. Can she be the perfect country wife? Will she fit into a small town? Will her demons really stay behind her?

It doesn't take long for things to unravel and a new set of questions occupy her mind.

Is the house trying to kill her, is her sister trying to ruin her marriage or is she just going mad. There is only one way to find out and by then it might be too late.

The Sheldon Creek Trilogy

The Backyard Goes On Forever
The Backyard Goes On Forever

When Jacqui moves to a rural Australian university town, she expects to get her degree, meet new friends and indulge in the excesses of the lifestyle. What she doesn't expect is to be boarding with an elderly widow and finding out a girl her age died in the widow's backyard the year before.

Every day, Jacqui passes through the same yard where Deb died, goes to the same university where Deb went and even becomes friends with the boarders of the eccentric share house where Deb lived. Learning more about Deb’s life, Jacqui begins to suspect the unfortunate death might be much more than that. As the intertwined stories of the small-town residents start to unravel, she fears one of them might be keeping a dark secret.

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In A Small Town
In A Small Town

Another murder rocks Sheldon Creek and initiates a chain of events that puts the share house in the spotlight. Once the town just hated them, but now the residents are accusing them of sacrificing Deb in a satanic ritual. Jacqui hopes that isn’t true because her life is now entirely wrapped up with theirs. She needs to remain focused, even as her friends’ lives are spiralling out of control.

However, the new murder brings a revelation that makes Jacqui wary of everyone in town and makes her certain someone killed Deb. If Jacqui is ever going to find Deb’s killer, she’ll have to come to terms with her involvement in the latest murder and focus on her investigation. But Jacqui isn’t innocent anymore, and eventually, all the secrets are exposed in a small town.

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The Taste of Victory
The Taste of Victory

Jacqui thought that finding Deb's killer would give her the closure she needed to devote herself to her studies. Unfortunately, it raised more questions than it answered.

She now knows the identity of one killer but has no motive and has the motive for the second murder but no killer. Everything has changed since her first night in town and now more than ever, it appears as though she might be the next victim.

Jacqui knows there are locals willing to kill to protect their family history and reputation. As her investigation draws to a close, the killer focuses their attention on Jacqui, turning her fears to reality and a life and death battle for the truth.

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Between Eden and Deception

And the Witches of Eden River
And the Witches of Eden River

Beth was expecting a family reunion upon her arrival in Brisbane. Leaving the opulence of London for an ex-convict town was a small price she was willing to pay if it meant living with her parents again. Instead, she finds herself in the middle of a literal witch hunt. Her grandfather leads the investigation dragging a reluctant Beth with him.

The accusations focus on the once prosperous Eden River Station. Where once shearers and stockmen roamed, there only remains the mysterious Mrs Richards and a brood of girls that locals say, come and go in the night.

Grandfather is convinced witches don't exist, but in a land filled with the unbelievable, can Beth convince herself?

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Murder at German Station
Murder At German Station

Beth has passed German Station many times. The Lutheran convent and the cathedral being built behind it, dominate the landscape. They stand off the main road as if judging those that pass. As if knowing everything that happens.

So when the nuns of the convent claim one of their own was killed by a house kobold, Beth isn't convinced. Creatures like that don't exist and even if they did, why would a house kobold travel the region killing seemingly at random?

There has to be a clue, either in the Germanic township or the British colony that surrounds it. Beth just has to find out what it is before more people die.

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